Preformed stainless steel crowns

Stainless steel crowns are preformed caps that are particularly useful for restoring decayed teeth in the primary dentition.

Why do kids love them?

Compared to conventional fillings, NO LOCAL ANAESTHESIA is required, NO DRILLING is required. On top of that, your child gets a shiny tooth!

How do they work?

Tooth decay proliferates in contact with sugar and bacteria in the mouth. When the crown is seated on the tooth, all decay is sealed within the crown. Hence, proliferation of decay is stopped. In that way, these crowns are superior to fillings, where secondary decay may occur at a later stage.

Kids love these and so do parents. Since appointments are less stressful, kids are more likely to have good experiences and develop a good attitude towards dental treatment as adults. 

If you think your kid has got decayed teeth, book an appointment to have their teeth checked! 

Treating your kid’s tooth is important- they could be at risk of painful infections!

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Hall Technique University of Dundee PDF