Tooth whitening

Today, white teeth are the norm. People go to the extent of having full mouth veneers to have white teeth.

However, the least invasive solution is tooth whitening. Sometimes, it only takes one session of whitening to make you love your teeth!

How is tooth whitening done?

The most popular method of whitening is in-office tooth whitening. This means that your dentist will carry out your whitening on the dental chair and you go home with whiter teeth. See video below.

There are other methods of whitening teeth. Your dentist can talk about all options with you depending on your suitability. 

How safe is it?

This is the question that is most often asked regarding tooth whitening.

Answer is, it is a very safe procedure when done professionally. The most common side effect is temporary sensitivity. 

If you would like more information regarding tooth whitening, please contact us or chat with us.