Why Enamel Dental Lounge


Spacious lounge, comfortable sofas, tea and coffee facilities, free Wifi and washroom available for all patients. Parking facilities also available. 

Experienced staff

Our staff members are all experienced in the field of dentistry and are trained to UK standards. They also have Basic and/or Advanced Life support training. 

Continuous Professional Development 

All our staff are an enthusiastic bunch who emphasise on self-improvement and professional development. Change is constant and we keep updating ourselves continually.

Standard of care

We take pride in the quality of care that we provide. Patient centered care is our priority at all times. 

Infection Control

At Enamel, we abide by strict infection control procedures to prevent contamination and spread of infectious diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C. All our equipment and instruments are decontaminated and sterilised before use. 

Follow up 

We are on point with follow ups to ensure patient satisfaction. Follow ups are very important to us, to make sure the treatment we have provided are upto standard in the long term.