Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom tooth causing you pain?

You have been having discomfort on your lower back jaw and you are not sure that it is your wisdom tooth causing you pain.

How would you know it is your wisdom tooth which is causing you pain?

You may have one or few of the following symptoms:

  1. Reduced mouth opening 
  2. Bad taste/ discharge from your gums overlying your wisdom tooth 
  3. Inflammation of the overlying gum 
  4. Swelling on your posterior jawline

Sometimes you may have swollen lymph nodes and fever. 



Wisdom teeth tend to erupt around the age of 18 years old. It is the most common naturally missing tooth, which means that not all people will develop wisdom teeth.

More often than not, wisdom teeth tend to erupt inclined. This is because of a lack of space in the jaw. Part of the tooth can also remain embedded in the gum or bone.

This situation causes two possible scenarios:

  1. The overlying gum keeps getting inflamed and infected (Pericoronitis). You will notice bad taste and pus from the gum
  2. The tooth next to the wisdom tooth starts decaying

You may not have any symptoms of pain on the tooth with decay until it affects the nerve of the tooth. It is hence very important to get X-rays of inclined wisdom teeth to check for early signs of decay.

What should you do when you are having pain ?

If you have a swelling, you may need antibiotics. If there is no swelling, antibiotics will not help. You will need professional advice as to what can be done. Please book an appointment with us to have your wisdom tooth checked and treated