Wisdom tooth removal

What can you expect when you come for the removal of your wisdom tooth?

Your dentist has advised to have your wisdom tooth extracted.

Once you attend for your appointment, your dentist will first get the tooth and surrounding gums numb.

Local anaesthesia will take about ten minutes to work, during which you will be asked to wait. 

After ten minutes, numbness will be tested to ensure no pain during the procedure. The whole extraction can take about an hour to an hour and a half depending on the severity of impaction. During the procedure you will be comfortable and feel no pain. 

Expect to have stitches placed on the day, which most times will need to be removed after one week.

Your dentist or dental nurse will give you all post – extraction advice.

Please visit our Patient Resources section to find more information regarding post-extraction instructions. 

Anxious about the procedure?

Talk to us about your fears and concerns. Our nurses and dentists are trained to deal with anxious patients and we can make you more comfortable.